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Timber Frame Insulation with Spray Foam

Insulating your timber frame home with spray foam insulation is quick, energy efficient, provides great thermal and sound insulation and is of course the most airtight material on the market.

All the timber in your home needs to 'breathe', building regulations state in your attic a 50mm air gap is required between insulation material and the roofing felt unless the roof is counter battened where the foam can be sprayed directly on the roofing felt.

CPI Foam's E500 open cell spray foam and breathable vent card system have been tested in Irish climatic conditions and have received the coveted NSAI nsai agrément certificate. All our staff have been trained and certified to use all CPI products. 

Most roofing systems in Ireland are not counter battened so its very important to maintain a 50mm air gap between the foam and roofing felt. We are able to achieve a continuous 50mm air gap by employing CPI Foam's unique breathable vent card system.

The card to attached to the…

Welcome To Pro Spray Foam Insulations new Blog

Pro Spray foam insulations are happy to welcome to our first blog post. 
By way of introduction, Pro spray foam insulation is centrally based in Birr, Co. Offaly on the Roscrea Rd. With over 20 years experience insulating residential, commercial and industrial buildings we decided to focus on solely on spray foam insulation. This decision was made based on extensive research on how to achieve airtightness and low uValues with an affordable and durable insulation material. 

Spray foam insulation is an incredibly versatile insulation material. Firstly it can be modified depending on climatic and environmental conditions to maximize performance. Secondly, as its sprayed, it car reach areas that are impossible for other materials reach. Thirdly any lever of uValue  can be achieved and spray foam is the most airtight insulation material on the market. 

There are 2 types of spray foam. 

Open cell spray foam, and closed cell spray foam.

Open cell is used in residential applications, a…